SMS Service

SMS service available for Indian customers to send the message to (+91) Indian numbers only. You can send transactional or promotional messages from your Odoo Instance.

Odoo SMS Service

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Version 11.0
Version 12.0
Version 13.0
SMS Base Module

The base application required to setup the SMS Service on your instance.

SMS Sale
SMS Invoice
SMS Delivery

All the modules available below can be use on all the deployment platform. You can use them on Odoo Online, or Onsite. For Odoo Online you need studio to install those apps.

Privacy Policy

How we protect your privacy when you use our services

Tiny ERP Private Limited (Odoo India) is subsidiary of Odoo SA, engage with the Research and Development, Support, Maintenance and Migration services. Odoo India is also developing and supporting essential service to fit Odoo in local markets. This policy explains what information is collected when you use SMS service, why it is collected, and how we use it.

What service we use to send the message? 

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What information we store on Service Platform 

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